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Janitors of the Mystic World
cleaning up the messes
About the Community 
29th-Aug-2005 09:38 am
There are times when a place needs a bit of clean up. When some idiot teen decides it'd be cool to try out some stuff he found in a book or the internet, tries it out, and against his expectations - it works, and now there's some dark spirit running around causing havoc. When some group opens up a portal or gate in the middle of a state park, and doesn't bother closing it. When that circle of trees in the woods that used to feel so serene now feels twisted, tainted.

It's the mystic equivalent of middle school kids throwing cherry bombs in the toilets, or getting into fights in the classroom so that desks are overturned and walls are cracked, or getting sick in the hallway. Someone's got to clean it up, fix things, repair - and that's the job of the janitors. Not glamorous at all, but without them, the building would be a stinking mess.

Same goes for the mystic world. It's a thankless job, and unlike real janitors, we don't even get paid. But someone's got to do it. Some of us claim a city or a town or even just a park, one place to keep an eye on and clean up the messes in. A losing battle sometimes, since there are more people causing problems than people cleaning them up, but it's something, and it keeps things from getting too out of control. Most times.

So if you're a mystic janitor (or want to be, masochistic as that may be), whether you work on your own or are one of the lucky ones who's part of a clean-up crew, this community is for you. Maybe you're a pagan, or a ceremonial magician, or even a christian who's a bit more mystically sensitive and open to more paranormal stuff than the usual. Maybe you fall into a different category entirely; it doesn't matter. Here's where you can share tips, ideas, knowledge, stories, network with others, and gripe about the clean-up work and all that goes with it.

*NOTE: This is not a roleplaying game. Maybe we're a bit delusional, maybe we're a bit insane, but we're also serious. This is reality - maybe not yours, but it's reality to us. Please respect that.*
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